Conestoga Driving School, Kitchener-Waterloo & Cambridge, New Hamburg


Over 10 years of experience with more than 10 instructors to teach you. MTO certified driving school & qualified instructors are here to serve you better (one on one in-car training Sessions). For Special Classes, promotions or group discounts call 519-603-5001. We accept Debit, Credit, Cash & Cheque


All our 30 hr beginner driver education courses are approved by the ministry of transportation and recognized by the insurance industry for discounts.

20hrs of classroom-Max 30 students in a class

All training taught by certified and highly experienced driving instructors. These instructors are police-checked and updated regularly giving YOU the latest in education.

10 hrs of homework assignments

are to be done separately through the workbook included in your course fee -- the instructor will take the group through who, what, when, where, why and how we do things. Latest rules of the road and why they are important, criminal codes, distracted driving, alcohol and drugs, freeway rules and country driving, buying and leasing, insurance coverage, fuel consumption, maintenance, controls, circle checks, intersections, lane changes, round-a-bouts and so much more.

10 hrs of In vehicle:

--from here our students move into one-on-one training with 10hrs driving behind the wheel in our properly insured and signed training vehicles. Our vehicles are equipped with dual brake and mirror and safety checked once per year for your protection. Each student will then drive behind the wheel totaling 10 hrs as they drive their way through right of ways, lane changes, intersections, stops, 3pt turns/u-turns, parallel parking, parking lots, round-a-bouts, freeway driving, country driving, various weather conditions and so much more.

As a bonus to all our graduates in this 30 hr course are:

  • discounts on road test rental
  • indoor driving simulator practise
  • drunk buster goggles, texting behind the simulator
  • SKIDS on the permitted
  • all defensive driving moves such as head-on collision avoidance, heavy traffic awareness, and so much more.

Conestoga Driving School: Visual Concept

Conestoga Driving School is the pioneer school in the region that authorizes the Advanced Beginner Driving course in the Kitchener-Waterloo, New Hamburg, Cambridge & Guelph technology triangle. We are the only one teach skid control, automatic, standard, obstacle avoidance and defensive driving all in one all-inclusive package. At Conestoga Driving school we are all about innovation and giving our young drivers safe and smart driving skills. Our Advanced Beginner Driving course dominates over a basic beginner driving course. The course focuses on teaching students the necessary skills to drive with confidence and proficiency.

Conestoga Driving School Mission, Kitchener - Waterloo Driving School